About Next Door Solutions (NDS)

In 1971, our founder Bea Mendez Robinson, concerned about the lack of services and options for domestic violence survivors, gathered a small group of her friends to figure out a solution.  They set up a shelter in a garage and established a hotline number to provide information and support to survivors. Unbeknownst to them, it would become the second domestic violence agency in California and the first bilingual domestic violence shelter in the nation. So began the story of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence (NDS).

Domestic violence is the most prevalent form of gender-based violence, often the most frequently reported crime to law enforcement, and arguably the one with the greatest damaging effect on children and youth.  We are the only stand-alone, domestic violence agency in Santa Clara County, answering approximately 15,000 crisis calls and serving an average of 3,000 survivors of domestic violence annually. Our comprehensive, compassionate, bilingual services are available free of charge to all women, men, LGBTQ and individuals across the gender spectrum and of varying abilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end domestic violence in the moment and for all time!

Our Vision

We will reduce and end domestic violence through comprehensive quality services, unwavering survivor-defined advocacy, and collaborative strategic initiatives that target individuals, relationships, community norms, and societal attitudes.
We seek a community environment that breaks the silence and makes domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence unacceptable.


Annual Report 2020_2021
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