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Supporter Spotlight: The San Jose Chapter of the Links Incorporated

The Links Incorporated is an international, not-for-profit corporation established in 1946, committed to enriching, sustaining, and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry. The San Jose Chapter of the Links Incorporated “Desserts for Charity” event has supported Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence since 1994.

In Memoriam: Bea Robinson

In Memoriam: Bea Robinson Mendez, Founder | January 31, 1934 - January 13, 1923 Local Activist and Founder of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, Bea Robinson Mendez passed at the age of 88 on January 13, 2023.

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Training Coming to Community Health Organizations

This month (National Domestic Violence Awareness Month), Community Health Partnership, in collaboration with Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, launched a training program for local community health centers and other community-based organizations to be able to identify and respond to intimate partner violence, commonly referred to as domestic violence.

  • DV Walk 2022

Light Up City Hall Walk 2022

On Oct 7, 2022, Next Door Solutions held the annual Light Up City Hall Wal, from Circle of the Palms Plaza in downtown San Jose to City Hall, where walkers and attendees were greeted with a resource fair. The evening included notable speakers, cultural performances, and food, and concluded with a candle-lighting ceremony and the lighting of the City Hall’s Tower and Rotunda in purple to honor lives lost from domestic violence.

  • Survivor Quote

Survivor Story 8: Toxic Love

She hesitantly returned to him and the abuse stopped for a short while… but it began again. It grew significantly worse over the years due to issues that stemmed from jealousy, insecurity, and control. Nonetheless, she remained with him trying to fix their relationship because of love.

Promoviendo Relaciones Sanas

Talleres: Promoviendo Relaciones Saludables / Virtual Workshops: Promoting Healthy Relationships recorded on April 23rd, 2022, and June 21st, 2022.

Statement from Next Door Solutions on the Iranian Protests

Next Door Solutions (NDS) understands the lasting negative impact the oppression of women has on an individual, a family, or a community. Iranian women are being oppressed, criminalized, and murdered by the Islamic Regime in ways that are difficult even to imagine. Women have been kidnapped and murdered by the government police for singing in public, not properly wearing a hijab, and a myriad of other unjustified reasons. 

Board Member Spotlight: Cheryl Halloran

Cheryl Halloran has been an active member of Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence’s Board of Directors for three years. She is a major donor and Development Committee member who fundraises in order for Next Door Solutions (NDS) to continue meeting the growing needs of survivors.

Domestic Violence Awareness Walk | October 7, 2022

Join us on October 7th, 2022, at 4:30 pm, on a walk to end domestic violence. We will begin our walk at 4:30 pm at Circle of the Palms Plaza. From the Plaza, we will start walking towards the San Jose State Campus to take a brief intermission at the Olympic Black Power Statue. From the school's campus, we will walk towards our final destination at City Hall. At City Hall there will be music, live performances, food, entertainment, and a resources fair!

Employee Spotlight: Elsie Lopez

Elsie Lopez began her career at Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence in August of 2000. She worked as a Kids Club Coordinator, a Support Group Facilitator, an On-call Hotline Advocate, and at the Next Door Shelter. We celebrate her commitment to survivors and dedicated service of over 21 years.

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