Board Member Spotlight: John Radford

Passion for Financial Stability

John originally joined Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence’s (NDS) Board of Directors in 2005, took a four-year hiatus, and returned in 2023 to help ensure that NDS is positioned financially to expand to meet the increased need for services in our community due to the impact of the pandemic. John first learned about NDS through his colleagues and became inspired to join, especially as a father of two daughters. He believes that women need to be represented and defended in the community. 

He was previously the Mayor of Los Altos Hills and served two one-year terms and is a Human Capital Consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from Stanford University. John has served NDS in many capacities over the years and has been involved in several committees. Given his impressive background in finances, his role is to make sure that NDS is financially sound so that we can continue to meet the needs of survivors and grow with the additional demand for services.

John’s vision is for NDS to continue to grow and play a critical role in addressing and preventing domestic violence. He states that domestic violence cuts across all socioeconomic backgrounds and many survivors need our assistance. Agencies like NDS are a necessity in our communities and save lives every day through the support we provide that is free of cost and multilingual. 

“The organization plays an incredibly crucial role in so many different aspects of protecting DV victims – from providing shelter to many more services. A whole series of things people need help with.” -John Radford