Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence Grievance Policy

As part of our goal to provide high-quality, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive services, we greatly appreciate feedback from survivors and the community about their experiences at Next Door Solutions. In situations where you do not feel your needs were met, or if you have a complaint, please use the following process to submit your concerns to our organization. We will attempt to ameliorate the situation to the best of our ability if you choose to continue working with us.

Please speak to your advocate or the staff person you are working with, or whomever you feel comfortable speaking to about your concern or complaint with services at Next Door Solutions. We hope that the advocate or staff member can attend to your concern and resolve it to your satisfaction.

If you still have a concern, please speak to the appropriate Coordinator/Manager.  Emails are listed below.  If you would like to speak to the staff person by phone, please call (408) 501-7550. You should receive a call back within 48 hours.

If after discussing your concern with the appropriate program Coordinator/Manager, please put your concern in writing to the Director of Programs and Policy.  Please submit your written statement directly to Cynthia Hunter (email).

The Director of Programs and Policy, upon receipt of your written concern, will contact you to discuss the concern and attempt to ameliorate the situation within 2-5 working days. This response will also be in writing.

If you in disagree with the findings of the Director of Programs and Policy, you may request a review by the Executive Director. This request must again be in writing and can be submitted directly to Colsaria Henderson (email). The Executive Director will respond within 5 working days. This final response will be in writing.

At all times during this process, you may continue to receive services to the best of NDS’ ability, unless a safety concern has occurred. We are happy to refer you to agencies that may serve your specific needs.

  • Housing and Emergency Shelter, Patricia Nañez (email) – For concerns with the 24-hour crisis hotline, shelter staff, and services, APS after-hours reporting line, and all Housing Programs
  • Support Services and Self Sufficiency, Aparna Dhoraje (email) – For concerns with HomeSafe San Jose and HomeSafe Santa Clara, Kids Club, Support Groups, Case Management, Employment Services, therapy, and Families for Peace
  • Crisis and Community Support, Claudia Pedroza (email) – For concerns with client advocacy and legal support, crisis intervention, attorney consultations and representation, restraining order assistance, and court accompaniment
  • Finance and Operations, Susan McInnis (email) – For concerns with facilities maintenance, administration, human resources, office staff, financials, payroll, and accounting
  • Community Prevention, Erica Villa (email)For concerns with any of our prevention initiatives: youth violence prevention, Coaching Boys Into Men, Athletes as Leaders, El Comite de Mujeres Fuerte (promotoras / community health workers) and healthcare partnerships
  • Volunteers and Outreach, Laura Diaz (email) – For concerns with our community outreach or our volunteer program