IN IT TO END IT Updates!

George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers and his sister, Health and Wellness Coach Emma Kittle support survivors of domestic violence.

Join EMMA KITTLE in a Yoga and Meditation Practice she created for the participants of the 2022 In It to End It Challenge. Remember to log this exercise in your AtlasGo app! 

Join the Challenge

George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers supports the In It to End It 2022 challenge!

IN IT TO END IT is the perfect blending of movement and lending a hand. Participants sign up, choose their activity, and track their actions toward a goal. Independently or as a team, everyone is engaged and connected through the course of this virtual event.

Fundraising is optional, but when you join the Next Door Solutions team or any of the other teams, every dollar you raise will support the domestic violence survivors we serve and empower people across our community to end domestic violence.

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Be an In It to End It Sponsor

Please contact Beth Williams at or fill out the form below to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Center for Domestic Peace
La Casa de las Madres
STAND for families free of violence
SAVE against Domestic Violence
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Bay Against Abuse Coalition

Bay Against Abuse is a collaboration of five of the Bay Area’s foremost providers of shelter and supportive services for victims and survivors of intimate partner violence (domestic abuse).

This unique moment in time when our capacity to fundraise has been hindered by the now-waning pandemic has seen an increase in reports of such violence due to sheltering in place.

Bay Against Abuse exists to ensure that:

  • No one should have to stay in an abusive relationship, even during the pandemic. Our programs can help.
  • Those concerned about the impact of the pandemic on relationships and the increase in domestic violence have an avenue to help.

IN IT TO END IT 2022 is our third virtual wellness event designed both to create a community of “sweaty changemakers” (active individuals who are passionate about their community) and to increase awareness of domestic violence.

Bay Against Abuse is partnering with AtlasGo, a leader in the virtual event space, to create an exceptional on-line experience. Through the AtlasGo app, participants will track progress in their chosen wellness activities, either by syncing with their wearable devices or manually.

Challenges and bonus activities will be offered throughout the event to increase engagement.