A virtual youth conference series addressing healthy relationships, technology, and
youth activism to build confidence rooted in equity and wellness.

Healthy Relationships
Supporting LGBTQIAP Survivors by Promoting Inclusivity


Saturday, March 27
Saturday, April 17
Saturday, May 8
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
More information or for accommodations: dvhealth@nextdoor.org

Keynote Speakers

Saturday, May 8

María Mejía-Botero – Youth Community Organizer

Youth Organizing to Make a Change

The Heart Work in Achieving Equity

Self & Community Care

Saturday, March 27

Yosimar Reyes – Nationally Acclaimed Poet

“Healthy Relationships” by ELAWC Youth Group

“Intersecting Identities: Supporting LGBTQIAP Survivors by Promoting Inclusivity” By Next Door Solutions

“Tips for Taking Care of Myself” by Yosimar Reyes

Saturday, April 17

Jocelin Hernandez – Community Health Educator

Redefine Romance: Hack the romance marketing that drives relationship violence in your culture By Stand Strong

Technology Safety /Digital Abuse By Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

Self Care By Community Organizer Jacky Rivera

The project was made possible by funding provided by the County of Santa Clara Office of Gender-Based Violence Prevention