Technology Safety Planning & Privacy Tips

Warning: If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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How to stay safer?
When online, looking for help, contacting services, making decisions or plans regarding the relationship and your safety, or sending email/messages that you do not want someone to know about – here’s ways to stay safer:

When you’re done browsing, CLEAR your browsing history (in history or settings – depending on your browser or phone operating system.

Open a Private Browser window:

Chrome:  Ctrl+ Shift +N
(or go to the upper right corner, click on the three dots and select Incognito Tab then ‘New Incognito Window”)

Internet Explorer (old):  Ctrl+Shift+P

Microsoft Edge: Click on the three dots/lines upper far right…select New Private Window

Apple / Safari:  Command+Shift+N

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the three dots/lines upper far right…select new inPrivate window

Remember to clear any browing history from before you opened the private window.

Use a safe computer Use a computer at a public library, school or university, community center, or friend’s house. Get your own mobile phone (‘burner phones’ with prepaid minutes are available at office supply stores, pharmacies, and electronics stores…and phone stores.)