On October 1st, we commemorated Domestic Violence Awareness month by illuminating San José City Hall in purple light. We’d like to thank all those who came and shared with us their powerful messages about the issue of domestic violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking. 

Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco welcomed our guests with a speech that called for healing our families and our community from all forms of violence by offering a moment of silence for both victims and survivors. Following Honorable Magdalena Carrasco’s speech, insightful words were offered last night by the Women’s Caucus of the City Council of San José, namely Councilwomen Sylvia Arenas, Maya Esparza, and Pam Foley. 

Due to the violent incidents that have threatened our communities this year, the speeches reminded us all that it is important now, more than ever, to act locally. Investments from local and state governments allotted $11 million to aid victims of domestic violence. 

“When neighbors help neighbors and even when strangers help strangers, they not only transform… [they] also experience a sense of connectedness,” said Honorable Judge Sharon Chatmon, who echoed a powerful message about the importance of building an empathetic community. 

Together, it is crucial that we get involved in order to mitigate and prevent this issue. We must not only stand in solitude with the victims of domestic violence but also call for help from our senators, our council members, and make changes within the system. 

We thank Rose Martinez, survivor and founder of El Comite de Mujeres Fuertes, as well as Rick Beatty of The Alessandra Foundation, for sharing their stories, shining their light, and leveraging their voices to fight domestic violence in our community. 

With all the victims and survivors in our hearts, everyone at Next Door Solutions will continue to do their utmost best in fighting domestic violence and providing the necessary assistance for those affected. 

As Councilwoman Carrasco stated, “Domestic violence cuts across all lives”. Whether it be through donating, educating, taking action against an abuser, or calling a Senator, we hope that everyone does their part in the fight against domestic violence.