Trigger Warning
This story may contain descriptions of physical and sexual violence that may be upsetting. Please consider your triggers and well-being before reading. Seek help if needed.

Survivor Quote

Toxic Love

Jocelyn had been a victim of domestic violence for 27 years. As a teenager, she fell in love with her first boyfriend and became impregnated by him. Her parents disapproved and disowned her; she then moved in with her boyfriend. Soon after, their relationship turned sour. The first time her abuser inflicted physical harm on her, was after she had given birth to their first child. She was brutally beaten and in a state of physical and mental shock. She then fearfully fled for her life and temporarily resided with her father. While at her father’s, her abuser completed court-mandated courses, such as anger management, and was deemed to be safe. He had contacted her afterward and used compelling arguments to have her return.

“He pleaded and said he loved me and my daughter”. She hesitantly returned to him and the abuse stopped for a short while… but it began again. It grew significantly worse over the years due to issues that stemmed from jealousy, insecurity, and control. Nonetheless, she remained with him trying to fix their relationship because of love. Until one day, her abuser attempted to maliciously attack her in front of his family members.

Due to financial hardships, she could not acquire the help she needed until she discovered Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. The survivor stated, “Next Door [Solutions] was the best thing that could have happened for me”. With our assistance, she was able to have a free consultation and file a restraining order to have her abuser removed from her home. Her Advocate relentlessly managed to obtain a restraining order and maintained contact with her at all times. The Advocate guided her, debriefed the paperwork process, and proofread documents that needed to be submitted. Through Next Door Solutions’ support, the restraining order was implemented and the abuser was removed from the survivor’s home.

Since then, Jocelyn has been able to feel healthier and safer within the bounds of her own life. She is able to reclaim her power and move forward today, “…I am grateful for Next Door Solutions: He was able to be removed from my home!”