Sobrato Philanthropies; helping Next Door Solutions meet immediate needs

Sobrato Philanthropies is part of The Sobrato Organization, a multi-generational, family-owned, and family-led firm that has played a dynamic role in the emergence and growth of Silicon Valley for nearly 70 years. Their mission is to partner with communities to meet immediate needs, address systemic barriers, and pursue social justice to build a more equitable and sustainable world.

Next Door Solutions has had the great fortune of being part of that partnership for many years. Most recently, Next Door Solutions received The Sobrato Family Foundation Essential Human Services (EHS) grant.  The Essential Human Services program seeks to increase the quality of life for low-income Silicon Valley residents by ensuring access to critical, high-quality safety net services. It provides unrestricted, multi-year grants, investing in organizations that are mission-focused on serving the lowest income communities and communities of color in Silicon Valley, and invests in organizations providing human services, helping to ensure that there is a range of social safety net and human services for those in need in our community.

Per the Foundation, “Inequality of opportunity in Silicon Valley continues to grow, leaving residents more vulnerable to poverty and declining economic status.” In addition to their EHS funding, Sobrato Philanthropies also works in advancing English Learners in California and committing to sustainability to support greater environmental health, focused on the oceans, and mitigating climate change.

Unrestricted funding, or what we call “Core Mission Support” is essential in that it provides the flexibility to direct resources where they are most needed, to take advantage of new opportunities that will bring additional benefits to those we serve, and to build a strong and sustainable infrastructure to run effective programs – it is essential to supporting the work that Next Door solutions was established to do.

Thank you, Sobrato Philanthropies, for your leadership on critical issues facing our community by acting as a voice for increased investment in the community, and for supporting Next Door Solutions’ mission to end domestic violence in the moment and for all time.