Employee Spotlight: Elsie Lopez

Improving the lives of others for 22 years

Elsie Lopez began her career at Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence in August of 2000. She started working as a Kids Club Coordinator and a Support Group facilitator. Her compassionate, kind, and good-natured personality was immediately evident. She then transitioned into an On-call Hotline Advocate and began working at the “Shelter Next Door”.

Elsie is always willing to lend a hand making her an asset at the shelter, where the work is laden with crisis and trauma. Her calm, nurturing demeanor is of great comfort to people who come from very challenging circumstances. Besides her advocacy as a full-time Hotline Advocate and providing crisis counseling while completing intakes, she performs many other tasks to ensure clients’ basic needs are met and that the shelter efficiently delivers services.

Elsie tracks the Food Bank orders, grocery shops for the shelter, and conducts inventory on a weekly basis. The shelter has many children and with her previous experience, Elsie is of great help to the mothers, supporting them and providing guidance. Elsie is always recognized for her help and has frequent visitors who are past residents. Due to her hard work and unconditional love, she was awarded the “Outstanding Advocate Award 2021” from the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council.

In addition, Elsie is a team player and works the overnight shifts when necessary serving as a backup to our 24-hour operation. Additionally, Elsie works with AACI, one of our sister agencies, and provides key support there as well!

We celebrate her commitment to survivors and her dedicated service of over 22 years.

Elsie shares, “Being a survivor myself, I wanted to help others come out of their abusive situations.”