Staff Spotlight: Nohemi Nogueda

S.F. 49ers / U.S. Bank Frontline Hero of the Game

Congratulations to Nohemi Nogueda who was named the Frontline Hero during the recent 49ers game. The 49ers are aware of the work of the Next Door Solutions Team. Here is what they had to say!

“Thank you Nohemi for being our U.S. Bank Frontline Hero of the Game! The work you, and the rest of the Next Door Solutions team do for DV survivors and their families is incredible, especially during these difficult last couple of years throughout the pandemic. We are thrilled that we were able to honor Nohemi and the impactful work you do for the community for our final regular season home game!”

– SF 49ers

From Volunteer to Housing Services Coordinator

Nohemi first started as a volunteer for Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence (NDS) back in 2010, after learning that one of her relatives was a victim of domestic violence. Nohemi decided that she would like to have a permanent place within the agency after volunteering for 15 months and completing her 40-Hour Domestic Violence Peer Counselor training and certification, that is a requirement under California Evidence Code 1037.1. The training provides participants with in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of domestic violence to strengthen their skills in supporting those experiencing and impacted by domestic violence – and is also a first step in creating confidentiality for survivors.

During the past 11 years, Nohemi gained first-hand knowledge of the unique needs of survivors and services provided by NDS. She provided a range of NDS services, including working with survivors and their children at the Shelter Next Door, providing crisis counseling and other types of support through the 24/7 Crisis Hotline, and Self-Sufficiency Case Management and support services. Nohemi was promoted to Coordinator of Housing Services in 2017, launching our DV Housing First services, and has continued to work with many survivors on addressing barriers to obtaining or maintaining safe, permanent housing:

One particular survivor with two children left an impact on Nohemi. She was remarkably resilient and kept a positive attitude no matter what obstacles she faced. For Nohemi, this reminded her why she loves working at Next Door Solutions.

Nohemi shares that she has stayed with Next Door Solutions for more than a decade because:
Staff is supported and encouraged. It’s really about the environment. People here are very supportive.”

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