Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence is proud of Rose and Rosy, El Comite Members, who participated in the VOTE video campaign. 

We thank the CPEDV Campaign and California Partnership to End Domestic Violence for this information: 

Link to Vote Information

 Where to Vote

If voting by mail is not an option, you can still vote in-person.

✓ Seek Support if You Need it:

Sometimes, our ballot choices are extremely limited and go against our values as survivors. This can re-trigger trauma. Our Member Organizations are here for you.

Explore Your Ballot

Your Vote. Your Moment. Explore the Voter Toolkit

California Voter Education Toolkit

 Learn About the Issues that Directly Impact Survivors and Communities

Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention
COVID-19 and Economic Justice
Addressing the Criminal Legal System
Supporting Communities of Color
Natural Disasters

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