Coaching Boys Into Men and Athletes As Leaders

Orientation Sessions

Respect | Integrity | Nonviolence

Learn about how this evidence-based violence prevention program is used to educate and empower student-athletes about respect, promote healthy relationships, prevent sexual assault, and encourage youth to be leaders in their community.  CBIM & AAL is easy to integrate into the season (9-12 weeks).

This orientation is open to any coach, athletic director, administrator, team mentor, educator, or advocate.

Ready to get involved?

  • More information: | 408.501.7543

We will provide details on:

  • The curriculum

  • How it works

  • Coach/Mentor commitments

  • Incentives ($250)

  • Training Dates

For more info visit:

For more info visit:

The project was made possible by funding provided by the County of Santa Clara Office of Gender-Based Violence Prevention