CBIM Coaches Clinic

Coaching Boys Into Men

Respect | Integrity | Nonviolence

Learn about how this evidence-based violence prevention program is used to educate and empower student-athletes about respect, promote healthy relationships, prevent sexual assault, and encourage youth to be leaders in their community. CBIM is easy to integrate into the season (12 weeks).

This orientation is open to any coach, athletic director, administrator, team mentor, educator or advocate.

Ready to get involved?

  • Monday, April 18th I 6pm – 8 pm

  • More information: agarcia@nextdoor.org | 408.501.7543

We will provide details on:

  • The curriculum

  • How it works

  • Coach/Mentor commitments

  • Incentives ($250)


For more info visit: www.coachescorner.org

For more info visit: www.atheleteasleaders.org

The project was made possible by funding provided by the County of Santa Clara Office of Gender-Based Violence Prevention